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Friday, April 8, 2011

Politics as Usual: BOHICA

For the last several days, my eyes, along with those of many in the country, have been glued to the surreal situation going on in Washington. This budget showdown cannot, and should not be tolerated. The American people need to reject these leaders who have completely rejected what should be the most important voices to them; the voices of their constituents.

These politicians must be held accountable for their unconscionable actions; Washington and we do not need the blame game and the ensuing circus that has been created. Regardless of party affiliation, those involved in the current imbroglio should resign and return to us the country that we love and they treat with such rank disregard.

It is my hope that come the next Election Day, we make the voice of our collective outrage known, and that we tell our leaders that schoolyard bickering is not the way we want our country to be run. Vote, and send the message.

If you haven't already contacted your congressional representatives to voice your disapproval of the shutdown situation, please do so. If you don't know who represents you, please visit to find out who represents you.

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