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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Assembly Required

Today was an interesting day.  My neighbors cut their yards yesterday.  My yard was looking scraggly, so I decided it to mow it.  Before I could do that, I would have to unpack and assemble the lawnmower that lay forlornly in its box in the garage.

After some initial problems, I set up the lawnmower and proceeded to mow my lawn.  My compost bin is now full to capacity, and I will be purchasing a Mason Bee kit soon.  Mason bees are special in that they don't produce honey, so they tend to sting less.

I am also looking into a special composing system made exclusively to safely compost dog waste.  This system utilizes vermicomposting to turn the waste into worm casts.  The worm casts are an exceptionally rich soil amendment.

This means that the hard work will eventually give way to the garden of my dreams!

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