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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh No!

In my last post, I talked about how fragile the relationship between my sister and I is.  My sister is trying to make me let my mom come back home.

I don't want to do it.  My mom is going to go back to doing whatever she wants to do instead of doing what is best for her health.

The round robin of hospitalizations are traumatizing to the kids, and I have had it

A part of me is incredibly angry that my sister shows up at the eleventh hour playing the hero.  Especially when she doesn't know what these years have been like.

I just heard from the nursing home where my mother is.  They are transporting her to the emergency room, but she refuses to go to Scott & White.  Scott & White is a better hospital.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today I am sitting in my dining room typing this as my sister, nephew, and potential future brother-in-law are passed out asleep in my living room. Circumstance has turned us into somewhat uneasy roomates. With my mom's prognosis as yet unclear, and the arrangements of her placement still needing to be ironed out, the family has come together as best it can to attempt to weather this storm. I wasn't exactly sure this would work out; my sister and I are polar opposites in both looks and personalities in addition to the almost ten-year age difference between us. She's the social butterfly, the one with her finger on the pulse of every new trend. I am the aloof one, the one who likes to be around others when I am comfortable with it, but that generally prefers solitude over a block party. Last night, my sister told me that her job was able to transfer her to Texas permanently, but that it would mean she'd be working in San Antonio. Given that a two hour commute each way is impractical, that means she will have to move there. I was kind of hoping that things wouldn't work out with her job because then she'd stay in my area. We both realize that we are way to different to live in the same house, but the same area would be nice. It would be nice to get to know my nephew better, and my sons could use some constancy and some family in their lives too. They have been hurting so much with T gone. I had also hoped we could work on our relationship. She and I haven't had the best, and now that things are peaceful for the first time in a long time, I thought we could try to reach a common ground. I wish it didn't take my mom's diagnosis to bring us together, but life isn't made of beautifully poignanant, scripted moments.