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Friday, June 10, 2011

SNAFUs and Gratitude

The Army has struck again and has done its best to make me scramble. T finally got a leave date yesterday, (even though we requested our dates in April)and of course, airfare right now is ridiculously expensive for a one way ticket. I really hate it when the green machine does that. It makes it difficult to budget and difficult to plan family time. Still, I am incredibly happy and grateful he's coming home. As an added bonus, he should be home for Father's Day.

Being an Army family almost gurantees that special occasions will be missed. We have missed alot of them over the years; some have been easier to replicate than others. This last Christmas, I found mistletoe on sale atthe dollar store. I bought a few sprigs and I hung them on top of the doors anyways. When he came home for R&R, we still shared a mistletoe kiss.

We used to have a lot of movie nights befor he left, where we would pile up on the bed with the boys and make popcorn and just be together. So we are definitely doing that when he comes home.

I'm so looking forward to assuming our normal routine, even if it's for awhile. I miss making food for him, I miss us all being together. I miss going to sleep with him and waking up to him in the morning. I even miss all the things that used to annoy me about him, and I find myself wishing he was annoying me, because that would mean he would be here with me.

I think that one of te blessings of being an Army wife is thatthis life forces you to really evaluate your priorities, and really value someone completely; their good and bad characteristics.

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