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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Electronic Books

I finshed reading my first Nook book earlier today. It was David Gaider's Dragon Age: The Calling. I have always been into books, and while I am enjoying my new Nook immensely,there is something about the smell of old books that I wish could somehow be part of this equation. The Nook has incredible potential,, however, especially for college students who could then go through school without ending up with a trunk full of books they don't intend to use again and may not be able to resell...I know I could certainly benefit from having less stuff around!In other news, last night's ratatouille was a resounding success with my oldest son. This comes as a complete shock to me because he is usually a horrifically picky eater and would rather be tortured than eat most vegetables. I did make some changes to the recipe I had, namely for the sake of experimentation. Where it said to add diced tomatoes, I used sun dried tomatoes, I used tomato paste instead of tomato sauce, and I used shiitake mushrooms instead of white ones. I was surprised by how hearty this dish was. I didn't realize an all vegetarian dish could be so satisfying.

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