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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I killed the Archdemon with The Butterfly Sword

Today was T's last day with us, after a blissful leave that had its rough moments as well. I finally got to show T DA I and DA II. He seemed into it even though he says they talk too much in the game. He also decided to be a dwarf. Let me be clear; I friggin' hate the dwarves. The only things I hate more are the wretched Deep Roads. May the Blight infest the mind of whatever Bioware developer decides to put them in DA III! Okay. Personal rant over, I fought my way through Origins several times THE HARD cheat codes for this gamer chick. By the time I finished, it felt that I had accomplished something on a legendary level. Oh, and it also felt like I needed therapy... Enter T, the creator of Durango the exiled dwarven noble. T hasn't even fought one serious battle yet, and here he is padding the dwarf with exploited and grossly inflated experience points. Alistair WOULD NOT approve. I have watched this man, (T) use the same exploit for ten minutes now. And he has the nerve to tell me watching my games are mind-numbingly boring. All I can say is that DA III better be co-op multiplayer, or we are going to need marriage counseling up in here... I will be trying to slay the Archdemon with The Butterfly Sword when T goes back though. Minus cheat codes. Oh, and Fenris, if you are out there, come over and we will play gin rummy. I promise I'm not a mage; well, most of the time I'm not... :)

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